23 Interesting Essay Topics On The Impacts Of Global Warming

Are you writing an essay on the impacts of global warming, but can’t seem to think of an interesting topic? Writing about something you enjoy is going to be a big plus, since you will be more passionate writing. Try to have a good approach to the work thought the project, otherwise you will just have a hard time. Also, pick a title that you find interesting, because this way you won’t get bored writing the project. So continue reading to find out some of the best example titles that are out there. With that thought in mind here are 23 interesting essay topics on the impacts of global warming.

  1. Is global warming an actual thing happening?
  2. Should we pay more attention to the effects of global warming?
  3. Why do some people choose to ignore global warming?
  4. What will happen to the earth if we continue to use nonrenewable energy?
  5. Is it too late to save the planet?
  6. How can we prevent global warming from happening?
  7. What clean energy sources are there, which we can use for a life time.
  8. Can we see the effects of global warming right now?
  9. Should we switch from petrol cars to electric cars?
  10. Who is to blame from global warming, everyone?
  11. What will the earth look like from a century from now?
  12. Will there be people still living on Earth in the next few hundred years?
  13. What is the best renewable source of energy out there?
  14. What will happen if we don’t start using greener energy?
  15. Is it too late to start using reusable energy?
  16. Why is pumping the air of co2 bad for us?
  17. How can we use science to clean the air around us?
  18. What can we change in our daily life that will help save the Earth?
  19. What will happen to the Earth when it goes up a couple degrees?
  20. What will happen to Florida when the sea level rises?
  21. Is there a way to cool the planted to prevent catastrophes?
  22. How can we stop the big companies from polluting the planet?
  23. The speeches that have gone extinct because of global warming