How To Succeed In Essay Contests For Scholarship Money?

Scholarships are so competitive such that only the most outstanding essay will win. Competition should not be a discouragement. It should be known that previous winners had doubts and challenges similar to yours. They only learnt the secret to coming top in a scholarship contest and applied it. How do you succeed regardless of competition?

  • Understand Instructions
  • The scholarship panel provides a list of instructions that must be followed by all applicants. These instructions are meant to standardize all candidates and ensure a level playing field. Read through the instructions and make effort to fully understand them. In case a directive is not clear, seek assistance from your peers, tutor, friends, etc. Since you have the time and resources, comb through all requirements and instructions, ensuring that you meet them to the letter. After completing your paper and compiling all the documents need, request a friend to go through the application to ascertain that you have met all the requirements. Applications that do not meet the basic requirements are usually the first to be discarded.

  • Be Unique
  • Most essays for contests are written in a similar manner. They become too boring for the examiner to look at. Because of the sheer volume involved and the pressure to identify the best, the panel picks the most unique and outstanding application. For instance, when everyone is talking about known heroes and items on new, pick a subject that is unfamiliar. It will capture the attention of the judges and sway their decision to your favor. Identify a language or mode of presentation that is not familiar. In your creativity, take care not to trounce the rules provided.

  • Meet Submission Deadline
  • Most applicants wait until the deadline to submit their applications. This is dangerous. An essay written in a hurry will be prone to mistakes. The points or arguments are usually hurriedly assembled. Usually, it will lack insight and creativity. The last minute rush also denies you an opportunity to consult knowledgeable persons like teachers and contest experts. This compromises the quality of your work.

  • Consult
  • It is deceitful to assume that you know everything. Teachers and other professionals have participated or supervised such contests. Seek their guidance on how to write a winning essay for a money contest. They may even provide proofread samples that make your work easier and more certain. Before submitting your proposal, let a friend or trusted senior go through it to verify that all requirements have been met.