What To Know Before Writing An Essay On Social Work

What comes to your mind when you hear or read the term “social work?” Before you can write an essay on this, or any other topic, you must clearly define the meaning you are attaching to terminology (in this case, “social work”) so that it is clearly understood by the reader. Is your essay a purely academic treatment of the broadest definition of social work, including historical background, or do aspire to awakening in another the desire to actively engage in social service in his or her community?

Social work as a career

Are you writing in order to encourage someone to study so that they might become a professional social worker? If so, you may want to encourage them to examine their own ideas on issues such as social justice, human rights and the responsibilities that any society has towards the well-being and care of its members. Professionals have an educational background in social science and have many arenas in which they may operate, including those that affect members of society with physical disabilities or mental health issues. Poverty relief and child protection are other areas that regularly require the intervention of a professional. Experts in these areas often become well versed in law so that they may more effectively advocate for those they serve.

The basic information that one might supply for an article on social work as a possible career could include the following:

  • What is social work?
  • Who is engaged in this activity and to what end?
  • In what locales might one engage in social work? Might it include both urban and rural encounters?
  • Why should one become involved in social work?

A call to action

You may prefer to write and include details about a specific project for which you’re advocating. You may create a call to action, necessitating public support and/or fundraising through private philanthropy. A clearly defined plan will be necessary as you appeal to possible donors, including such details as

  1. the beneficiary of the proposed project;
  2. general details of what will be accomplished with the funds to be raised;
  3. the location where the project will be carried out; and
  4. a general timeline, including the progressive phases (if appropriate).

Deciding on the focus of your essay in advance will cause the details to become more readily apparent as you organize your article.